In 2021, the University of Toronto ranked first in Canada and fifth globally in the number of publications related to COVID-19. Many of these publications leveraged the Toronto High Containment Facility and the expertise of our faculty members in infectious diseases, immunology, genomics and engineering.  

Building on this achievement, our community once again helped to drive U of T to a global fifth place ranking in 2022 based on the number of publications in the top 10 per cent most cited articles. Below are some research impact key metrics from our first year (2022-23).

Peer-reviewed publications to which EPIC directly contributed

Peer-reviewed publications from our community where our members were corresponding author

Awards and honours for our faculty members

Our research investment

A central part of EPIC’s mission is to advance collaborative and innovative research on infectious diseases. We offer three types of funding supports for investigator-led research projects and six different trainee awards. Please visit the Opportunities page on our website to learn more about these competitions.

Awarded in research funding in 2022-23

Trainees supported

Investigator-led projects supported

To learn more about the projects and trainees we are supporting, please visit the Funded Initiatives page on our website.