EPIC is creating opportunities for training, new research questions and collaborations, and the translation of knowledge across academic disciplines, economic sectors, and regional and national borders. 

Training and Talent 

EPIC will provide immersive and cross-disciplinary training with access to leading-edge technologies.

Immersive and cross-disciplinary training with access to leading-edge technologies, spanning the full range of infectious disease research — with an inclusive view to personal and social differences that influence disease burden and control, locally and globally. Opportunities will include: 

  • Postdoctoral fellowships 
  • Career transition awards for senior fellows and research associates 
  • Industrial internships 
  • Regulatory and entrepreneurial education 
  • Awards for trainee travel and scientific exchange 



    The Infectious Diseases Labs allow researchers from many areas to investigate a disease from many perspectives.

    Recruitment of leaders in infectious disease research, and promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration across scientific platforms, including infection modeling, molecular and immunological diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccine development, specimen handling and technology validation. These activities will be supported through: 

    • Collaborative project grants that bridge University divisions and hospital partners 
    • Proof of principle grants to commercialize new ideas 
    • Support for visiting global scholars from low-resource settings 
    • Ideation and technical workshops 
    • Harmonization of research agreements across partnerships 


      Knowledge Translation 

      EPIC can advise policy-makers on how to address future pandemics. Colleges and Universities Minister Jill Dunlop, above, right, visited one of the labs.

      Development of strategies and pathways to establish EPIC as a ‘knowledge broker’ in infectious disease research, policy and commercialization. Planned activities include: 

      • Annual symposium with government, industry and academic leaders 
      • Industry partnerships and events including workshops and mini-symposia 
      • Global scholars’ speakers’ series 
      • Communications and media outreach 
      • Development of regulatory expertise and approval programs