Combatting mosquito-borne diseases with AI: Innovations in global health intelligence

Join BlueDot for a ground-breaking webinar where we delve deep into the dynamic landscape of mosquito-borne diseases, exploring the latest trends and impacts on a global scale.

BlueDot’s expert panel will unveil the abnormal activities observed in mosquito-borne diseases, shedding light on emerging pathogens and unprecedented outbreaks of dengue, malaria, and chikungunya infiltrating urban and rural areas, and the expansion of vector territories. We will unravel the contributing factors to disease resurgence, from climate change to immunologically naïve populations, providing a better understanding of the most pressing challenges faced.

In the interactive session, we will:

  • Navigate through real-life examples, showcasing how our early warning system identifies high-risk areas and unusual activity, emphasizing the importance of timeliness in awareness and risk assessment.
  • Explore the medium and long-term outlooks using our innovative Vector Suitability Score (VSS) model, estimating vector geographical expansion over the next 5-10 years.
  • Examine the obstacles faced when unusual dengue, malaria, and chikungunya activity is present, understand emerging pathogens, and uncover the role of AI in gaining near-real-time awareness and foresight in identifying populations experiencing vulnerabilities.

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