Results of the Future Leaders Prizes Competition

The Emerging and Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC) is an integrated network for researchers, trainees and partners working to confront infectious disease challenges. We unite members across the University of Toronto and its hospital partners to accelerate cross-disciplinary work in the understanding and development of new countermeasures against pathogens. A key pillar of EPIC’s work is training the next generation of infectious disease research leaders that will help stop future pandemics and reduce the societal burdens of infectious disease. 

The EPIC Future Leaders Prizes celebrate the best and brightest PhD students who graduated each year among the EPIC research community. These competitive prizes identify the most outstanding graduate in each of four streams:  

  • applied and/or translational research  
  • clinical research 
  • fundamental research  
  • population, global and public health research  

The nominees will have successfully defended their thesis in the preceding calendar yearPrize winners will have submitted an excellent thesis, both in scientific content and communication style, as well as demonstrated a high degree of leadership outside of their scientific pursuits.

We are pleased to share the results of our Future Leaders Prizes competition. 

2024 Future Leaders Prizes recipients

Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong

Clinical research stream

Thesis title: Targeting the genital microbiota to reduce HIV susceptibility

Supervisor: Rupert Kaul (University Health Network)

Jonathan Burnie

Jonathan Burnie

Applied and/or translational research stream

Thesis title: Characterizing human and viral proteins in the HIV-1 envelope using novel methods in flow

Supervisor: Christina Guzzo (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Catharine Chambers

Catharine Chambers

Population, global and public health research stream

Thesis title: Human papillomavirus vaccine uptake and effectiveness among gay, bisexual, and other men
who have sex with men

Supervisor: Ann Burchell (Unity Health Toronto)

Pailin Chiaranunt

Pailin Chiaranunt

Fundamental research stream

Thesis title: Host-microbiota interactions shape the intestinal macrophage landscape

Supervisor: Arthur Mortha (University of Toronto, Temery Faculty of Medicine)

2023 Future Leaders Prize recipient

Hannah Kozlowski

Hannah Kozlowski

Applied and/or translational stream

Thesis title: Strategies for moving multi-target nucleic acid assays towards clinical use 

Supervisor: Warren Chan (University of Toronto, Institute of Biomedical Engineering)