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Member Spotlight: Shelly Bolotin

For this member spotlight, we welcome Shelly Bolotin, an associate professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and in the department of laboratory medicine and pathobiology at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Shelly is also a scientist a Public Health Ontario and the director of the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases, which aims to catalyze cutting-edge research and education that maximizes the health benefits of immunization for everyone.

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Examining the COVID-19 pandemic through a person-centred lens

As a recipient of the inaugural Emerging and Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC) Doctoral Awards, which supports outstanding students pursuing infectious disease research, Afia Amoako is driven by her person-centred ethos to examine the unequal landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto. Her goal? To provide a deeper, more nuanced understanding of how people living in this city experienced COVID-19.

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Member Spotlight: Sarah Haines

For this month’s member spotlight, we caught up with Sarah Haines, an assistant professor in the department of civil and mineral engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Sarah’s research is on building science and indoor environmental quality with a particular focus on indoor air quality and the indoor microbiome. We also talk about her work with Indigenous communities to improve housing and drinking water quality.

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Member Spotlight: Nicole Mideo

For this month’s member spotlight, we caught up with Nicole Mideo, an associate professor in the department of ecology and evolutionary biology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, to talk about her work using mathematical modelling to study parasites like the ones that cause malaria.

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Member Spotlight: Jean-Philippe Julien

A conversation with with Jean-Philippe Julien, a senior scientist in the molecular medicine program at SickKids Research Institute and an associate professor in the departments of biochemistry and immunology in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. He also holds the Canada Research Chair in Structural Immunology.

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Member Spotlight: Susy Hota

Meet Susy Hota, medical director of Infection Prevention and Control and an infectious disease specialist at the University Health Network. She is also an associate professor in the department of medicine at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and co-lead of the University of Toronto Microbiota Therapeutics Outcomes Program.

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Member Spotlight: Michael Norris

A Q&A with Michael Norris, a new faculty member in the department of biochemistry in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Learn more about Michael’s research, how he became interested in virology and what excites him about EPIC.

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