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The COVID-19 global health emergency has ended. Here’s what U of T experts think.

On Friday, March 5, the World Health Organization declared the end of the COVID-19 global health emergency. We polled faculty members of the Emerging and Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC) and the Institute for Pandemics (IfP), two pandemic-focused Institutional Strategic Initiatives at the University of Toronto, to get their perspectives on the WHO’s decision and where we need to go from here.

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How worried should I be about bird flu? An expert Q&A with Samira Mubareka

Last week, the city of Brampton confirmed that two dead waterfowl found in the city had tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus, or bird flu. According to the latest estimates from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, over 7 million birds in flocks across the country have been impacted by HPAI, including nearly 750,000 in Ontario. To learn more about the bird flu outbreak and what we can do to prepare, we spoke to Samira Mubareka, an infectious diseases physician, medical microbiologist and scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute.

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How worried should I be about Marburg? An expert Q&A with Rob Fowler

Earlier this year, Equatorial Guinea declared its first outbreak of Marburg virus disease, with 11 confirmed deaths so far. The disease is caused by Marburg virus, which belongs to the same family of viruses as Ebola, and presents with similar symptoms including high fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, and occasionally severe bleeding. For this expert Q&A, we sat down with Rob Fowler to talk about the recent Marburg outbreak, what lessons we can take away from Ebola and how our community can help.

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